Luxology: Shoe Modeling and Rendering [HF] Không rõ

Modo Video Training | HF | 1.18Gb

Modern athletic shoes are an impressive blend of design and engineering. Learning how to model one in modo lets you master skills that will serve you well in the creation of various other hard and softbody objects - backpacks, luggage and the like.

This series of video tutorials takes you step by step (no pun intended) through the creation of an athletic shoe. Not only will you be shown how to model the shoe, piece by piece, you will also learn how to create UV maps and prepare the shoe for a presentation rendering. Right down to the stitching. As always, you can opt to purchase the entire video album - or only the individual videos of interest to you. Models in modo's .LXO format are supplied with many of the videos so that you have access to the project at each stage.

This set of video tutorials makes use of modo's UV editing tools. Basic knowledge of modo is assumed in this tutorial and it is roughly targeted at the "intermediate" user (though virtually everyone will learn something by viewing these information-packed movies). An introduction to the use of third-party modo scripts is provided. Tutorials also include use of imageSynth and Adobe Photoshop. In English.

This video tutorial was developed for modo 203. Basic knowledge of 3D is helpful but not necessary. modo 401 users will find the tutorial useful, but will have to adapt some instructions to new techniques found in modo 401. Narrated in English.


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