Luxology: HDRE Urban Kit [HF] Không rõ

Video Training | HF | 1.76Gb

HDRE Kits are a collection of photo-based environments that provide subtle and realistic lighting to your models. By combining high-quality HDRI panoramas with matching background plates, these High Dynamic Range Environments provide modo users with the power of image-based lighting with an incredibly simple workflow. Simply choose your location from the Assembly preset browser, select a background plate from the visual HDRE Card View, and then fine tune the shot with the HDRE heads up display (HUD). Photorealism was never so simple.

HDRE Urban includes 5 different locations. Each of the supplied locations includes the following components:

Geo-Based HDRI

Spherical, panorama image in .EXR format that provides a high-dynamic range light source to illuminate your scene at a specific Earth location and time of day and date.

Render-ready Camera Background Plates

Each location includes 6 - 12 custom Camera Background Plates. Each Background Plate includes a ground plane and a pre-calibrated modo camera. Typically we include close-up, medium and distance shots so you can place objects of various sizes in front of the background plates.

High-Resolution Image (4k x 8k pixels)

Image provides source for accurate reflections and refractions from the environment.

HDRI Image

HDRI Image provides source of indirect rays.


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