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The realistic depiction and visualization of gardens and ornamental landscapes constitutes an important part of architectural planning and marketing.Dosch 3D: Garden Designer V2 is a comprehensive 3D-object library with all the important elements for the design and planning of a garden, or a particular landscape. The product provides the user with 250 3D-models of hedges, shrubs/bushes, fences, walkways as well as a large number of decorative design elements and potted plants.Use the product for the visualization of:
historic and modern parks
private gardens

public spaces in city planning
computer animation, video & film
hotel/resort development
corporate headquarters landscaping
golf course design
amusement parks/theme parks
street design/green areas
The 3D-models are provided in the widely-used formats 3DS, 3ds max (version 4 and higer), OBJ, LWO (Lighwave version 6 and higher), Maya (V4 and higher), VRML and Cinema 4D (version 7 and higher). They can therefore be used in most 3D-applications.

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tuylongdon Email Homepage
10/10/2011 15:27
hix, link rapid là chịu chết lun
khoa68 Email
09/09/2009 10:39
2 link nay bi die roi.
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