Digital-tutors: Sculpting Hard Surfaces in ZBrush 3.5 R3 [HF] Không rõ

Video Training | HF | 1.54Gb

In this series of lessons we'll learn how to use some of the hard-surface sculpting tools in Zbrush.

Zbrush has always been a great application for sculpting incredibly detailed organic shapes. But did you know that Zbrush has a number of useful tools that will help you to sculpt more hard surface shapes as well? In this course, we'll talk about the Polish brushes, which will allow us to combine smooth curves and sharp edges in a single stroke. The strokes themselves have been enhanced with Backtrack, allowing us to get smoother, straighter lines when sculpting. We'll also cover the Re-mesh functionality which will allow us to combine multiple shapes in Boolean-type operations. We can also take advantage of the Zbrush primitives to give us a great starting point for some of our hard surface shapes.

Lesson Outline

1. Introduction and Project Overview

2. Blocking in the main shape

3. Using Group Loops to modify topology

4. Refining the base sculpt

5. Sculpting hard-surface detail with the Polish brushes

6. Using masks to cut detail into the surface

7. Using auto-masking to sculpt group loops

8. Using the Planar brushes to cut in panels

9. Adding detail with custom alphas

10. Adding materials and color to the model

11. Building the jaw from primitive geometry

12. Adding the spine and cheek tubes

13. Using ReMesh All to combine multiple shapes

14. Building the base of the mechanical eyes

15. Adding connecting rods to the eyes

16. Adding pistons to the model

17. Adding mechanical teeth


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