DesignProvideo: Photoshop CS4 105:Digital Photography Workflows [HF,FS,Fs] Không rõ

Video Training | Hotfile-FileServe-FileSonic | 527Mb

Instructor: Dan Moughamian

This tutorial is available! See the Table of Contents for a full list of the topics covered by this title.

Digital Cameras have made it easier than ever to take great pictures. But even with the best camera, it takes a bit of work with Photoshop to really get the most out of your images. Small issues like lens flares or dust spots can quickly ruin a photographic moment, and it's often necessary to remove the "digital haze" that comes with photos that are too light or dark to perfectly reflect the scene you captured.

In this 3-hour tutorial by seasoned photographer, educator and Adobe author Dan Moughamian, you'll learn how to take your favorite photos and make them even better. You'll learn important skills like working with Adobe Camera Raw to improve tonality and contrast, and using Adjustment Layers to fine-tune the color and mood of your images. The most important photography workflow topics are covered, to ensure you get the best image, every time. There's also detailed coverage of photo-retouching skills like noise reduction, removing lens spots, blemish repair, and perspective correction.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch it all. Use the search functions and detailed menus to quickly find important topics - that's the essence of Nonlinear Educating using N.E.D.!


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