CG ACADEMY: Texturing Series:Boxed Set [HF] Không rõ

3DS Max Video Training | HF | 7.8Gb

This three DVD boxed set will give you a fast track course to proficiency in mapping in 3dsmax. If you need to get up to speed on the concepts, pitfalls, workflow and best practices behind Mapping UVs and Procedural Textures. Or if you need to learn how to use the Unwrap UVW tool for game quality models. Or to unwrap complex Creature and Character meshes for high quality texture map production, then this DVD set is perfect for you.

The series is designed to provide a fast and sure path from fundamental level, through to advanced level mastery of this complex and valuable skill set.

DVD 1: UV Mapping & Texturing

This comprehensive DVD will introduce to you and take you through many of the fundamental concepts of texturing models in a CG environment. What is UVW mapping and how do I work with it? How do 3D procedural textures map themselves onto our models? How can I lock those procedurals to my deforming characters mesh (skin, soft body dynamic objects etc). These and other topics are explored here and should give any user a complete grounding in UV mapping and texturing within 3dsmax.

DVD 2: The Unwrap UVW Tool

The second DVD in our texturing series explores the Unwrap UVW modifier tool in 3dsmax 8.0. The DVD opens with an explanation of the fundamental concepts behind UV unwrapping. Then moves on to give a thorough introduction to all of the user interface elements of the tool. And then Chris takes you through a comprehensive real world project that will give you a solid understanding of the techniques and workflows of the unwrapping process.

DVD 3: Creature UV Unwrapping

In this DVD Dominic Qwek will guide you through a fast and efficient workflow for unwrapping the UV's on a complex organic creature mesh (the creature he modelled in his Advanced Modelling DVD). The DVD is structured in two halves, in the first half Dominic covers the "traditional" workflow used in 3dsmax 7.0 and earlier releases. And in the second half Dominic moves on to show how the new features of 3dsmax 8.0 such as Pelt Mapping and its enhanced Relax Tools can be used to accelerate and complement the processes shown in the first section of the DVD.


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