CG Academy: Particle Flow Fundamentals Set [HF] Không rõ

3DS Max Video Training | HF | 6.6Gb

DVD 1: Principles And Workflow

This DVD introduces the user to Particle Flow, the new schematic particle system first introduced in release 6.0 of 3dsmax. Chris will guide you through the fundamentals of what particles are, how Particle Flow is structured, the elements of its GUI and on how to construct your own first Particle Flows.

DVD 2: Operators 1

This DVD continues our Particle Flow Basics series by covering in depth the first three sets of Particle Flow Operators. The Operators covered are... Birth, Birth Script, Delete, Position Icon, Position Object, Rotation, Spin, Scale, Speed, Speed By Surface, Speed By Icon and Keep Apart.

DVD 3: Operators 2

The third DVD in our Particle Flow Fundamentals series continues our in depth examination of its Operators. The Operators covered are... Shape, Shape Facing, Shape Instance, Shape Mark, Materials Static, Material Dynamic, Material Frequency, Mapping, Cache, Display, Notes, Force, Render and Script.

DVD 4: Tests, Forces & Collisions

The fourth DVD in our Particle Flow Fundamentals series continues our in depth examination by looking at Particle Flows Tests, The Force SpaceWarps and the Collision Deflectors. Tests covered are… Age, Collision, Collision Spawn, Find Target, Go To Rotation, Scale, Script, Send Out, Spawn, Speed, Split Amount, Split Selected and Split Source. The Forces covered are… Gravity, Wind, Drag, Vortex, PBomb, Motor and Push. The 3 basic and 3 Omni Deflectors are also covered.

DVD 5: Practical Examples

Practical Examples concludes our Particle Flow Fundamentals series with an in depth look at nine diverse real world effects. We look at how to approach each example in the most efficient manner, how different flow topologies can be used to tackle different effect problems. How materials can be used to produce animated effects, and how animated meshes can be instanced into our flows to help in realising our compelling series of effects.


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