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3DS Max Video Training | HF | 10Gb

If you are new to 3D in general or simply new to 3dsmax, this series will give you all that you need to create your own 3D models. This series has been designed to give you a deep understanding of 3dsmax's modelling system.

With over 22 hours of tutorship, this series will give you a foundation with the very basics in scene navigation, keyboard shortcuts, coordinate systems, snaps and orginisation. Then Chris takes you on to modelling with 3D Primitives such as cubes, cylinders, spheres and so on, and then on to how to change, enhance and combine those primitives using Modifiers and Spacewarps.

Later in the series you are given the principles and skills to effictively poly model, to create model elements using 3dsmax's Spline tools for sweeping/curved surfaces, and finally how to model using Sub-Division Surfaces, the current industry wide modelling stanard in Film, Games and TV production.

DVD 1: Primitives & Poly Fundamentals

This is the first in a four DVD series that aims to teach the fundamentals of modelling in 3dsmax. In this first DVD you will learn how to effectively navigate and manipulate objects in 3D space. Then the DVD moves on to teach you what polygons are and how they are fundamental to all modelling systems. Then we learn about Primitives and how we can change their form using Modifiers and Spacewarps. And finally we make a start on a series wide project to build a go-cart using the skills developed in this DVD.

DVD 2: Polygonal Mesh Modelling

This DVD continues our series on modelling fundamentals by exploring polygonal modelling. You will be shown the key differences between the Edit Mesh and Edit Poly geometry types. You'll be shown the main elements of mesh editing, including creating polygons from scratch, attaching and detaching meshes, flipping Normals, modifying smoothing groups and material IDs, ring selection and division, bevelling and much more.

DVD 3: Spline Based Tools

This DVD continues our look at the fundamentals of modelling in 3dsmax. Here we focus on 3dsmax's curve based modelling toolset, which is based on Bezier Splines. You'll be shown how to create Splines from scratch, or via the numerous built in templates. How to edit and combine those Splines into more complex forms. How to use the Extrude, Lathe and Loft Tools to create complex custom surfaces. We continue our series spanning go-cart modelling project. And we conclude with a quick look at Splines use in animation.

DVD 4: Sub-Ds & Combined Techniques

In this DVD we conclude our modelling fundamental series by tackling the subject of sub-division surface modelling. Chris will introduce you to the philosophy and technology behind sub-d surfaces, how to create them within 3dsmax and how to effectively model using them. We use those skills to model a number of elements on our go-cart model. We look at how we can optimize our sub-d workflow, and mix our techniques to more effectively model. And Chris concludes the DVD and series with an exploration of some best working practices and tips and tricks.


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