CG Academy: MAXScript Fundamentals Set [HF] Không rõ

3DS Max Video Training | HF | 2.1Gb

The MAXScript Fundamentals Set features two DVDs that will introduce you to the powerfull world of MAXScript. The series starts in DVD1 , Variables, Macroscripts & Functions with an introduction to the very fundamentals of scripting with concepts such as variables, unctions and script flow with Laszlo and in DVD 2, MAXScript For The Masses Bobo puts this new knowledge into action with hands on, real world practical examples that tackle many of the problems users will need to solve on a day to day basis.

This Set requires no previous scripting experience and has been designed to ease even complete novices into the wonderfull world of MAXScript. However, a good working knowledge of 3dsmax is required to make the most of this series and so is best tackled by intermediate users.

DVD 1: Variables, Macroscripts & Functions By Laszlo Sebo

In this first DVD in our MAXScript Fundamentals series Laszlo will take you through the first principles of MAXScript, such as Variables, Properties, For Loops, Flow Control, making your code into a MacroScript for easier access on your toolbars, Functions and how to make your own custom Functions from your own MAXScript code. This DVD is aimed at an intermediate 3dsmax user who wants to harness the power of MAXScript and at those moving over to 3dmax from another platform that need to transfer their scripting skills. MAXScript will allow you to both to make your workflow easier via custom tools, and also to push beyond any limits placed on you by the systems GUI.

DVD 2: MAXScript For The Masses By Borislav Petrov

In our second MAXScript Fundamentals DVD, Borislav "Bobo" Petrov continues our exploration of the wonderful world of MAXScript. In this DVD Bobo applies MAXScript to many real world tasks where doing things by hand would be slow and laborious, bring to bear the power of MAXScript on the masses of objects, lights and materials found in a typical 3dsmax scene. This DVD has been designed as a continuation of our first MAXScript Fundamentals DVD (Variables, Macroscripts & Functions by Laszlo Sebo), though it can be used by existing MAXScript users to gain insight into the power of MAXScript from an acknowledged scripting master.


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