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Recolored 1.01 | 6.08 MB

A software tool for colorizing black and white photos, replacing colors in color photos, and applying other effects to digital images.

What it does

Colorization of black and white photos

Perhaps the most exiting application of Recolored lies with adding color to old black and white photos, through a process called colorization. This process has traditionally been done by hand, requiring great skill and patience to achieve good results. Recolored gives anyone — from computer novice to expert graphical designer — the chance to achieve professional looking results with little effort.

Replacing colors in color photos

If you've ever wondered what your house would look like in a different color now is your chance. Using Recolored you can change the colors of individual objects without affecting the rest of the image. All it takes is a few brush strokes, there's no need to struggle with layers or complicated tools in expensive graphics packages.

Selective desaturation

Turn color photos into black and white photos while preserving color of specific important elements to add style and artistry.

How it works

Recolored uses sophisticated algorithms to process digital images, but it needs some help to complete the process. Using brush strokes the user indicates which colors different objects in the image should have. The graphical user interface sports several tools and functions that helps the user draw strokes and select fitting colors in an efficient manner. When the user is done the software takes over and propagates the colors from the brush strokes into the rest of the image. Recolored uses the grayscale intensities from the original to accurately blend in colors, and it takes care to mix colors appropriately near object boundaries.

Color library

The most difficult part of colorizing an image is often deciding which colors to use. To help you select colors that appear natural, we have put together a library of color presets that is included in Recolored. The colors are grouped into categories such as skin tones, hair colors, metals, wood, grass, fabrics and many more.

Feature summary

    * Easy to use Graphical User Interface
    * Supports working with multiple images at a time
    * Seven graphical editing tools
    * Selectable HSL and RGB color palettes
    * Color presets for selecting natural looking colors
    * Unlimited undo / redo levels
    * File formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, RCL (proprietary file format)
    * Images can be printed (adjustable scaling)
    * Documentation readily available through the integrated HTML help file
    * Five easy to follow tutorials

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Tung Anh Email Homepage
31/10/2013 18:06
Cho mình xin link download khác nha, mấy link trên Die hết rồi, cảm ơn
12/05/2009 21:09
Chào bạn... trong phần mềm có kèm luôn phần tutorial đó... Ví dụ rất dễ hiểu. Tìm trong phần help!smoke
sonda1 Email Homepage
12/05/2009 09:38
bác ơi cái này có hướng dẫn không?grin
15/04/2009 08:38
Software nì hey lém đó pạn... download dìa sài thử đi grinpig
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