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Video Training | HF-FS-Fs | 16.4Gb

These videos will teach you many techniques and every single tool for all three of Maya's modeling surface types: Polygons, NURBS, and Subdivision Surfaces. Throughout the 116 hour class, you will progress through seven separate modeling projects, each covering a fully demonstrated model. Push your skills to the next level as you are guided through the construction of a handgun with silencer, night vision goggles, two separate characters (one male and one female) each using two entirely different modeling and artistic styles, as well as an F-18 fighter jet and a Lamborghini Murcielago!

-Project 1: The SOCOM Pistol

This first project of the Maya Advanced Modeling curriculum will introduce you to Maya's robust polygonal modeling toolset, and is the only video out there showing you every single tool available within Maya (version 7.0), and giving you solid examples on how you can use them. After this solid introduction, you'll complete your first model, the SOCOM pistol complete with silencer and under-barrel Laser Aiming Module (LAM)! Throughout the videos, you'll learn smooth and lower-poly workflows, as well as how to employ a wide variety of tools and techniques!

-Project 2: The Lamborghini Murcielag

Once you understand and have mastered the available polygon tools in Maya, it's time to expand out and get into good polygonal workflow issues and how to properly lay out your polys to create the best looking models you can. In this video, we show you how you can create the Lamborghini Murcielago through a very powerful and easy-to-master workflow, by which you create a 3-dimensional line drawing of the model, and build each and every polygon upon it.

The videos cover the creation of each and every panel of the exterior, the rims, brake discs and calipers, as well as the interior, seats, steering wheel, dashboard, a basic engine block, and more!

-Project 3: The Night-Vision Goggles

Maya boasts one of the most complete NURBS modeling solutions in the effects industry and with these videos you can finally take the intimidation out of using them! Starting from the very beginning with NURBS surface theory, these videos lay down the ground rules of what you must keep in mind when creating NURBS surfaces, as well as demonstrating every tool available, along with every single setting for those tools! Learn about the creation of curves and surfaces, and how to create your very first seamless model of a pair of cartoony night-vision goggles!

Afraid of NURBS? Fear them no longer! This video has everything you need to get up to speed quickly!

-Project 4: The Dash Cunning Character

Once you have general mastery over the NURBS toolset, it's time to really sink your teeth in and start using NURBS to create some impressive models. This video will walk you through the creation of your very own cartoony NURBS character, Dash Cunning! You'll see how to attach and detach NURBS surfaces to create a seamless surface, as well as how what workflow considerations you must remember to create a patched model! You'll also learn how you can apply MEL scripting to speed up your NURBS workflow by creating a customized HUD to handle many of the common modeling functions!

To top it all off, you'll learn how you can convert your NURBS surfaces into other surface types, allowing for easier rigging and texturing later on!

-Project 5: The Black Widow Spider

This video puts you in control of Maya's Subdivision Surfaces (SubDs), allowing you a tremendous amount of power for creating a variety of organic models! Building upon the skills from the Polygon projects (SOCOM Pistol and Lamborghini Murcielago), you'll learn how you can apply the polygonal toolset to create SubD models, and how to use the hierarchical nature of SubDs to add extreme amounts of detail to your creations! We cover addition and removal of detail, along with creasing, mirroring, and every available tool for SubD modeling.

The videos also demonstrate the creation of your first SubD model, the Black Widow spider, using photographic reference.

-Project 6: The Realistic Human Character

One of the key tests of mettle for any modeler is the creation of a realistic human being. In this video, we will approach the creation of a female model by using photographic referencing. Using polygons to design the base model, you'll see how to add in believably realistic human details with the SubD toolset, until you have a believable and ready-to-rig and animate human being!

-Project 7: The F-18 Hornet Jet Fighter

Once you have learned all available surface types in Maya, it's time to put all of them to use in a single model. This video demonstrates the creation of an F-18 Hornet jet fighter from the Blue Angels show squadron. Rife with a huge supply of on-site photographic references, you'll see how to create the entire exterior surface of the plane, as well as how to create a highly detailed cockpit included ever display, knob, switch, and dial (not to mention a few extras we threw in for good measure)! You'll also see how to rig up a set of landing gear for set-driven key animation, as well as how to create a functioning canopy that opens and closes at your command!










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